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Are you suffering from aches and pains in your smile? If you have a toothache which has lasted more than one week, and is accompanied by swollen gums or a bad taste in your mouth that just won’t quit, you need to book a visit to your local dentist as soon as possible. These signs indicate more than just annoyance, but are in fact symptoms of a developing root canal infection. While over the counter medications can relieve the pain for a short length of time, they will not stop the infection from spreading to cause permanent harm to your tooth. Fortunately, you can always find the care you need with root canals in Union City at the state of the art practice of Sammy Goldstein DDS and Jacob Cohen, DDS.

Root canal infections occur when the bacteria in your mouth turn against you by entering the tooth and spreading infection to the sensitive pulp and nerve endings housed within. Our mouths naturally contain levels of bacteria that allow for the breakdown of food to encourage healthy digestion. However, when a chink in the armor of the dentin that works to protect your teeth occurs, it can allow an infection to occur if this damage is deep enough to allow for access into the root canal. While physical trauma can be to blame for these injuries, often time’s cracks and chips can form due to everyday stresses such as teeth grinding, or even severe tooth decay. The presence of gum disease created heightened levels of bacteria, which can greatly increase your chances of developing a root canal infection. In any case, the only way to stop the problem from spreading is through professional treatment for root canals in Union City. The first step to treatment begins with state of the art diagnostic and imaging to examine the infection from the inside out and plan the procedure accordingly. Each case differs due to size of the root canal and scope of infection. Treatment for root canal infections centers around removing the infected pulp and tissues through a small incision in the tooth. The space is then filled with a topical medication to wipe out microscopic traces, and capped off with a permanent filling or crown to ward off any repeated infections.

For the very best in root canals in Union City, be sure to visit the experts at the welcoming offices of Sammy Goldstein DDS and Jacob Cohen, DDS. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community for over 25 years with the latest advances in dental technology and procedure for gentle yet effective care. With root canal therapy from Sammy Goldstein DDS and Jacob Cohen, DDS, your smile can be returned to perfect health once more.