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Emergency dentist in Union City

Union City dental office
Union City dental office

You’re minding your own business, and then out of nowhere there comes a toothache. Suddenly, your attention is diverted. It’s difficult to concentrate on anything else. At the office of Sammy Goldstein DDS and Jacob Cohen, DDS, there is every reason to feel optimistic, because our Union City dental office is available to handle toothaches, which are true emergencies. Furthermore, we can help with pain management in the process of treatment, with options among anesthesia and sedation.

The first priority once you come in is to find out what the reason is for your toothache. In more rare instances, gum disease or jaw problems can be responsible, but there are just a few common causes that comprise the vast majority of toothaches. All of them are due to the fact that your tooth’s protective layers have been compromised. Tooth decay opens up cavities. And fillings from older cavities may come loose and fall out. Your tooth could also sustain a chip or crack. A new or replacement filling, or the placement of a crown are the ways to remedy a cavity or chipped/cracked tooth, respectively. It is the exposed nerve that leads to your toothache, but the longer that that exposure exists, the greater the chance there is for bacterial infection will set in. When that occurs, our Union City dental office will need to perform root canal therapy. Not ideal, of course, but thanks to the advanced techniques and equipment we use, along with the anesthesia and sedation we have available, you can breathe easily. Keep in mind that root canal, with a 90% success rate, is the best way to save the tooth from extraction, and the cost and effort of replacing it.

Please keep the number of our Union City dental office programmed in your phone. When you suffer a toothache, you don’t want to waste a single second.

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